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I…er… Scootaloo began, scuffing one hoof on the floor. Sweetie remained quiet, listening intently. I think I…well, I sorta…maybe She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, spurting every word that followed in one barely legible string, I really, really like you, and even though I know its weird for fillies to be together, Lyra and Bon Bon do it, and theyre happy, and I just want to be with you even though I dont really understand why. I think you’re pretty, and smart, and…and every time we kiss it makes my chest hurt and my wings flutter and…thats it.

Her spiel over, Scootaloo hung her head and stared at the ground, on the verge of tears and prepared for the worst. There was silence for a few seconds, Sweeties expression changing from surprise, to disbelief, to concern. The worst didnt come. As soon as a tear started to form in Scootaloos eye, she was suddenly met with a white muzzle, caressing her cheek. Sweetie nuzzled and forced Scootaloos head up to look her in the eye.
I want to be with you, too, she whispered, pecking her cheek with a tender kiss.

See the rest of the fic this picture is based on here:
(Warning, does contain some mature scenes)


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