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"Must they do this every time?"

Draw Recorded on dm29doesPone
safe (1501826) artist:dm29 (1627) donut joe (722) flash sentry (11556) princess cadance (29288) shining armor (20965) spike (71453) twilight sparkle (272154) alicorn (179223) dragon (43551) pegasus (212833) pony (778990) unicorn (233615) eating (8106) female (825930) food (55939) ice cream (4225) mare (374904) sitting (50279) smiling (197427) table (7597) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (108839) waffle (246)


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@Beau Skunky
I've had many of Silent Protagonists and 'average' characters from cartoons, games and anime to appreciate Flash Sentry. Because I can then establish him as an interesting character.
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Then Flash, feeling inspired, tries to do the same thing with Twilight.
*2 seconds later*
Flash sits alone, with a spoon in his ear. Cadance and Shining is frozen in shock.