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Cecaelia Adagio
safe1921010 artist:misochikin206 adagio dazzle14466 pinkie pie234628 cecaelia59 monster girl441 octopus514 siren2418 equestria girls228360 belly button92620 breasts329776 cleavage39685 comic121086 dazzlepie4 fantasizing162 female1556080 imagination333 implied shipping5971 japanese9425 lesbian106585 midriff21189 not salmon2830 scylla24 shipping224856 species swap22968 tentacles13521 translated in the comments3029 translation request1522 wat20531


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|| I need to stop translating Misochikin’s stuff. His hand writing kills me every time. It seems to me he also shortens his sentences way too much for a scrub like me. I’m probably super duper wrong on the kanji and translation even with the kanji I have.||
Adagio’d definitely be a Scylla!  
I don’t want to know what’s going on in your head.  
Artist -

Implied shippong how?  
I am guessing it’s the usual “wild imagination” thingie with simple redundancy joke or something.