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Sssunset Ssslither
safe1949374 artist:misochikin206 sunset shimmer71655 twilight sparkle330375 lamia2644 monster girl452 original species31142 snake3405 equestria girls231235 bedroom eyes71345 blushing235323 comic122629 humanized109100 implied lesbian4134 implied shipping6106 implied sunsetsparkle327 japanese9507 lamiafied541 species swap23390 sultry pose2484 sunset slither19 tongue out126614 translated in the comments3065 translation2573 translation request1539


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Holy shit I hate when artists use their terrible hand writing instead of a font.
TS:I'd rather see Shimmer as a lamia than a centaur.
SS: What the hell is this girl talking about...?!
(I think this set is them wondering what the other girls would look like? I’m not gonna try to translate the others to find out)