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safe1901796 artist:cannibalus116 sweetie belle52159 cat7347 pony1249278 robot9008 robot pony4362 unicorn412267 friendship is witchcraft808 action pose1278 animal5823 chromatic aberration1721 detailed890 fanfic10866 female1538728 filly79763 floppy ears61325 foal24233 hooves21657 horn105663 nightmare fuel4089 open mouth184047 realistic2081 running6778 scared12026 solo1212609 sweetie bot1408 terror116 thunder struck2


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Background Pony #A741
Most house cats that I’ve lived with just hiss at other house inhabitants they didn’t like/perceived as a threat and/or swat them if they came too close. Sweetie Bot looks to be fairly large. The cats I knew generally didn’t try to launch themselves at something considerably larger than they were. That’s dog territory. A Chihuahua will go apepucky trying to engage/attack a Doberman it sees on the street, never thinking about how it would get slaughtered should an altercation result from the meeting.
C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

Also: Holy Jesus! What Is That? WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT!? THAT IS TRULY GOOD ART LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! This Ain’t No Abstract Bullcrap that I’ve Helped Todlers Make, This Is Truly Skilled Craftsmanship! Good Job Cannibalus!