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Emerald asks if she is sure she wants to go with them. They haven't left port yet, so it's still possible for her to disembark.

"No! No, I do want to come… I think… I…" Ruby says, looking out to sea again.

Emerald says Ruby's name, and then slowly approaches her and gives her a hug.

He says that for most of his life, he never saw beyond the castle walls where he was imprisoned. He tells Ruby that when he escaped, he was very afraid, but he met a lot of friends he never would have otherwise.

He also mentions that it's a bit different from her situation, since Ruby is probably happier in Whither than he was in the castle, but if she gets homesick, odds are they'll be coming back some day. Joy has real estate here, right?

"Yeah…" Ruby says with a nod, and then straightening up she says, "Yeah, you know what, you are right!"

Ruby then sticks her head through the ropes on the side and looks over the side of the boat. Emerald does the same, but the ropes knock his hat off and he quickly leans over and catches it.

Ruby laughs, and then says, "Man, we aren't even that far out and I can't see to the bottom. It's nothing like the river."

Emerald nods, and then looks out into the distance. He read about how big the sea is, but he never really realized it until he actually saw it himself.

There adventure has just started.


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