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To protect lil' Gren, big sis Rainbow Feather put him in a box of protection! Gildash kids look out for each other :)
safe (1522507) artist:farewelldecency (255) oc (573105) oc only (393206) oc:gren (41) classical hippogriff (4231) hippogriff (7733) baby (8356) box (4029) cute (167208) interspecies offspring (5896) magical lesbian spawn (9375) misspelling (2063) offspring (31983) parent:gilda (604) parent:rainbow dash (4705) parents:gildash (356) puppy dog eyes (610) solo (936960)


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2 comments posted

Awww — what's that cute lil' hatchling need protection from? She's adorable! X3

Unless it's beak-boops. She is in terrible danger of those…

boop! =p