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safe1755199 artist:atryl2018 artist:theshadowscale49 rainbow dash239013 pegasus310827 anthro270298 animated101120 armor24520 aura890 bracer440 clothes477366 crossover63907 diablo97 diablo 389 female1405929 fingerless gloves4866 gloves21029 martial arts430 monk120 necklace20665 patreon12965 patreon logo8778 pauldron125 robe3762 robes335 shadow4390 solo1097342


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Novice Brony
“Listen, Rainbow. Breathing affects your blood, your blood carries carries the oxygen you inhale. The oxygen in your blood affects your body’s cells, your cells are your body. Like ripples in water, breathing properly creates Hamon in your body and that creates energy! Hamon energy comes from one’s own blood and the waves created by Hamon are the same as the waves of sunlight!”
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This is almost a perfect imitation of an ‘Infinity Wars’ card.  
The ‘almost’ isn’t even important; You just have a slightly different shading style, and significantly different background style.  
I still immediately thought of that when I saw it.
Background Pony #6BC2
“That’s the difference between you and me. You wield a weapon. I AM A WEAPON!”