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Not related with my usual uploads, but I was bored and I discovered that I can upload .svg images.
safe1973291 artist:anonshy28 artist:techrainbow54 derpibooru exclusive34793 applejack187911 fluttershy238381 pinkie pie238732 rainbow dash259539 rarity203288 twilight sparkle333138 alicorn274769 earth pony362310 pegasus407476 pony1325361 unicorn447272 derpibooru7628 season 52949 the cutie map4269 .svg available9535 ^^2090 best pony1416 c:1302 cute236624 dashabetes10986 diapinkes11572 everypony397 everypony is best pony7 eyes closed120929 female1605088 flying47464 grin53094 group hug1095 happy38416 hug33604 jackabetes7228 mane six35345 mare619300 meta17595 open mouth198184 raribetes6398 shyabetes17011 smiling331766 spoilered image joke684 spread wings75585 squee2062 svg4325 text76211 twiabetes13869 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138643 vector84171 wings175485


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Background Pony #6EE7
Except the pink one. The pink one is annoying. And the blue one is a jerk.
Background Pony #66C6
While I fully support this, what kind of image would you even tag this with?