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It's great how someone obtaining a position of power sets up such a reliable WG scenario like this ;)
suggestive132507 artist:catstuxedo251 princess ember5969 spike75705 dragon50827 gauntlet of fire1431 belly25891 big belly9553 bloodstone scepter837 dragon lord ember1003 dragonlard ember122 emberspike537 fat20627 fat fetish1274 feedee482 female1285013 fetish36558 gem5595 heavy voice14 imminent vore2165 male343366 monochrome144713 shipping188176 straight127708 weight gain3815


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This does pose a bit of a problem with "spike x ember".

Spike has been taught all his life how to serve and give, whereas we KNOW ember has been taught to take. Should they somehow get together, spike's "giving" nature would result in him feeding her greed to unprecedented amounts.