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It's like what Foxworthy once said: "I believe the only thing worse than having diarrhea, is trying to have it quietly in a public bathroom!"
Background Pony #1FC1
If I'm pooping in a public toilet, I've hit a point where it's either that or shitting my pants. I HATE public toilets.

So, in that kind of an emergency, no amount of chatty stall neighbors is going to stop me from unleashing hell upon that toilet bowl.
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I'm sorry, Miss Sparkle, but you can not graduate unless you demonstrate the ability to poop under difficult conditions. The school has a reputation to maintain, after all.
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I dread walking into the bathroom at work and having to use the stalls with anybody in there. Sometimes I'll just wash my hands and walk out and hold it.
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It's a different kind of shyness that can either be separate from social shyness or be a part of it. I was never able to take a crap as a kid if anyone was in the house I didn't know. This naturally meant I couldn't use stalls at all unless I had to go really badly. Same for urination, but for some reason the cycles of difficulty were much more random. At the moment I have zero issue, but only a few months ago I couldn't pee at all if someone was nearby.
Background Pony #94B9
Alot of people find that they have restroom anxiety in that they can't relax and comfortably pee or poop with others around due feeling anxiety from the other party.
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lol do some people actually need to concentrate to take a poop? Just let the large intestine push it out by itself.