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Tell me I wasn't the only one disappointing that the dragon who wields the scepter doesn't turn into a big awesome dragon?

This is my favorite dragon from the episode, she was really cute!


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Background Pony #E60D
I wish Ember had grown to giant size when she claimed the scepter. She would've been more sexy and beautiful.
Lawful Girly
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

@Epicalaxy Master
Wait…wait. God. I need to stop writing responses early in the morning. I'm sorry, I got you confused with the other guy.

No, clearly your argument was much more sensible, that scientists believe we live in a world which is controlled by our own Jungian collective unconscious.

"This is my favorite dragon from the episode, she was really cute!"

Funny, everyone said she was ugly after multiple "blind commentary" vids of Gauntlet of Fire.