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At first glance I thought this was Chrysalis, but it turned out to be someone's OC. Seeing as the only other thing tagged with this OC is the sketch, I'm sorry to the owner of the OC if I got their colour scheme wrong. Original sketch by demorgorgon >>764137.
suggestive125961 artist:demorgorgon79 artist:evan555alpha199 color edit6984 edit114162 oc592333 oc only403576 oc:lachlan13 oc:razor wing2 anthro225456 changeling38943 changeling queen11111 big breasts66424 breasts234241 changeling queen oc1637 clothes399864 colored17337 covering face106 embarrassed9865 female877248 solo957551 speech bubble19901 the ass was fat12281 the scent: lust of mares39


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Background Pony #D9D5
Question: what if Lachlan was, I don´t know, an Ultramarine, a D&D Goliath or any of those ficticional races that are more than twice the size of their females?