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Commission by Fenrir, enjoy!
safe1691258 artist:hoodie345 rainbow dash232326 anthro256965 plantigrade anthro32039 anklet897 barefoot27199 blushing195086 bracelet9216 clothes454121 cute197622 dashabetes9118 detailed768 feet39261 female1349216 floppy ears51527 food69157 forest10065 grass9504 hoodie13929 ice cream4965 lamppost356 looking at you165887 mouth hold17270 mushroom935 outdoors10365 park1037 popsicle1074 sea salt ice cream115 shirt24460 shorts13769 sitting62397 solo1053891 toes6211


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You ever wanna be masculine but in the way a woman is masculine? Like why tf do I want to be rd here wtf is wrong with me
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@hoodie its funny you're not into doing feet fetish but you have made literally the best looking anthro feet I've seen in all derpibooru, congratulations.