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Group Gym Day

Keeping fit isn’t easy and this picture just goes to show that the girls do put in the work to keep their figures! I don’t know how many of you guys mind that it’s not explicit material but I figured a SFW theme was fitting for this group shot :)

Again, the 4K version can be found with the other pictures in the fitness pack.
suggestive139474 artist:indigosfmworks649 apple bloom48714 applejack167396 big macintosh27900 fluttershy209487 pinkie pie213286 rainbow dash230501 rarity179090 sunset shimmer61717 sweetie belle48453 twilight sparkle296626 oc665687 oc:anon11590 anthro253586 plantigrade anthro31284 art pack:horsepower!11 3d73173 barefoot26823 belly button75517 big breasts79400 breasts269609 busty applejack10218 busty fluttershy16766 busty macareina250 busty pinkie pie10627 busty rainbow dash7983 busty rarity12406 busty sunset shimmer5290 busty twilight sparkle11713 clothes448683 exercise ball95 exercise machine21 featureless crotch6743 feet38731 female1335953 gym807 macareina634 mane six31444 midriff19036 older25876 rule 6326350 running5827 source filmmaker44684 sports bra3036 swimsuit27501 weights360 workout744 workout outfit678


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Background Pony #4AD1
girl's day work out time sweat pants…nice plot macareina and yeah applebloom and sweetie belle…#workoutdaywiththegirls #funtimewiththegirls #wishyouwerehere. I would love to join in ofcourse I may have to find a raygun that change genders each zap do any of you know where to get it? #otherthanthat #bestfanwork~ziltromon