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@Nittany Discord
You didn't upset me. Not you per se nor can I or should I hold you accountable for anything.

Also no PMs since I don't really use derpibooru's ahem services too often.

It's just that feeling that you get when you know someone personally who turns out, how you wouldn't have ever thought of. There's nothing wrong with you being what you are, I might add. Not that I should say it anyway since I don't know you all that personally, But it's just a few things I have been thinking of and the ramifications of finding you here doing what you are doing on what I have been thinking about certain elements (not necessarily bronies) in society are rather drastic.
Background Pony #03C5
@Nittany Discord
Someone you know. That's all I'm going to say. Too many conflicting feelings about this revelation as well as not wanting to blow my cover here and elsewhere.