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Emerald apologizes for asking for another spell, but explains that he really likes magic and that he wants to learn as much as possible. The only thing he loves just as much are books!

"Well, I suppose that's a good trait." Sepulcher says with a chuckle, "I can't remember the last time I was really excited in that manner. I can show you my library sometime later, if you wish."

Emerald smiles and said that he would like to see it. Emerald also mentions that he'll take him up on that deal for the comics, and Sepulcher says he'll bring it up with his editor next time he gets the chance. Sepulcher realizes that he has the first issue on him and let's Emerald look at it briefly.

The story starts out with the earth pony in front of a cave, which he turns away from and walks to a nearby town. On the way he meets the unicorn thief and subdues her. He then ties her up and drags her back to town, where he ends up befriending the thief and getting a mission to clear the cave he was standing in front of before clear of monsters.

Emerald finishes up the comic and thanks Sepulcher for his time and apologizes for bugging him. He then waves goodbye andasks the Lady if they can continue the tour, and asks about the cave nearby.

"Cave?" She says with a slight head tilt.

Emerald tries his best to explain the cave he saw nearby when he ran out of town, but the chimera doesn't seem to understand.

"Well, I suppose we could go look for it if you want, but I'd prefer to wait until it was daytime, just for your sake." Elegance says.

Emerald isn't sure how that will matter considering it'll still be mostly pitch black in the forest, but he relents nonetheless.


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