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Ask: Here is a request idea. Figurine sized Artemis and Solaris playing shoulder angel/devil to FemAnon.


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Femanon:…..If i eat it, i will be in trouble but Prince Solaris be a big jeck is week and he need a leason but he not the type to lectured by someone who are young as i am……eat it or take it to solaris?!….what to do?!
shoulder devil: Eat it, Solaris need to Punish for all the time he be a jeck!
Shoulder angel: Are you nuts? she will be punish if she eat it, Femanon dont eat it, this is not your, You are a good girl, show to solaris by give it to him!
Shoulder angel: NO! If you want some go ask Artemis!
Femanon: I will go ask Artemis if i can have some ice cream! but for this ice cream i will let here, i dont want he think i thouch it or eat some of it….(she almost out of the room) I wish Solaris be less a jeck…oh why i border of this, he will never be more nicer….hmmm where artemis? in the library maybe?
Shoulder devil: WHY YOU ARE NOT EAT IT?!
Shoulder Angel: Because she not like you!
in the conner of the room.
Solaris: I suprise she a not eat it, i put it to test her to see how bad girl she be but she not….well you are a good girl….for now…and for your wish for i be nicer to you well i not know you full, so is normal i not be nicer to you, human!