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safe1572848 artist:silent-shadow-wolf515 oc603550 oc only409089 oc:princess bloodbourne1 alicorn194746 bat pony43341 bat pony alicorn1529 pony843822 alicorn oc21940 april fools760 bat wings5825 donut steel612 ethereal mane6624 joke oc167 red and black oc1480 simple background344607 slit eyes4077 transparent background179196 watermark14463


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4 comments posted
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Lurking Changeling
"prinzus bludborn is da strongst batpone alcorn EVUH. se kan keel cestia wif a sigle thot, but is too noice to evuh do eet. se jus wan 2 bi luvd." <- The description I'd give this par-OC. Get it, par-OC, parody + OC?

I'll go into the corner of shame now.