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Don't remember what category non-explicit watersports falls under, so I'm tagging explicit to be safe.
Also, because anon just had to mouth the damn cherries.
Sources (provided by Hell2000):
>>1165378 (Rarity) >>1123622 (Fluttershy)
explicit320177 artist:aidapone39 artist:anonymous1343 artist:pencils1218 artist:pia-sama1487 edit119046 fluttershy199213 lemon hearts1921 pinkie pie204353 princess cadance30617 rarity170642 starlight glimmer44243 twilight sparkle284326 oc610535 oc:anon11406 butterfly6363 pegasus243562 pony853067 equestria girls181620 /mlp/9192 4chan6271 ayy lmao58 beaker183 beard3259 bra14195 bracelet7990 breasts242270 busty rarity11090 cleavage30941 clothes412845 downblouse125 eyeshadow13236 female907392 fetish35371 frilly underwear4146 glasses55330 glasses rarity113 golden shower182 grammar error1676 hairclip913 hat77262 headcanon2146 insane fan theory98 jewelry51793 looking at you145712 looking up14281 makeup17956 mare419494 meme78915 monochrome148078 open mouth124458 pants12478 piss on she1 pissing3513 protecting515 purple underwear2015 rain5631 rarity's glasses523 shirt21487 sitting55623 smiling217599 solo979350 solo female169146 spread wings48251 theory398 underwear55600 urine6099 wat18691 watersports2950 wet mane4950 wing shelter25 wings78268


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Anon poses odd question and another anon poses another even odder/weird question. Anons react to thoughts and question with varying levels of hilarity. Third anon comes along poses a follow up question to second anon's question. More Anons reacting with more varying levels of hilarity. Fourth anon comes along having drawn the questions that had been posed. Guess what, more anons reacting and more hilarity.

Welcome to 4chan, where all this shit started.
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I'm usually on top of that sort of thing, and yet it didn't occur to me to source the images. I'm slipping.

To my knowledge, not every case of pissing on someone else is inherently sexual. Semi-grimdark/Grimdark with questionable could possibly fit the bill sometimes. And if there's no visible arousal or genitals, does it still count as explicit?