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Artist description: "sugardrops and parsnips are amazing children and all three of their moms love them and pinkie pie has a bob when she's older and really i love this ship the more i think about it wow.

sugardrops is the definition of curious and gets into everything and really he was the perfect fit for a three-mom family because he sure as shit needs the constant supervision

parsnips is tiny and just happy to be here. she can't talk very well so sugardrops is pretty excellent about conveying information back and forth. Nobody could ever really dislike parsnips but every friend she's ever made is super super protective of her."
safe1586651 artist:blitzengles2 gilda9135 pinkie pie204525 rainbow dash220676 oc611379 oc:parsnips2 oc:sugardrops2 griffon25041 adopted offspring999 female909437 gildapie80 gildash337 gildashpie19 interspecies20862 lesbian92471 magical lesbian spawn10842 offspring34701 ot3442 parent:gilda625 parent:pinkie pie3628 parent:rainbow dash5053 parents:gildashpie2 parents:pinkiegildash1 pinkiedash3234 pinkiegildash19 polyamory6243 shipping185319


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