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safe1898400 artist:akili-amethyst160 apple bloom54863 applejack183525 discord33887 fluttershy231399 pinkie pie232942 princess celestia102281 princess luna106467 rainbow dash253137 rarity197816 scootaloo54276 spike85149 sweetie belle52103 twilight sparkle324499 alicorn260542 draconequus15720 dragon66771 earth pony329947 pegasus373413 pony1246013 unicorn410838 cutie mark51742 cutie mark crusaders20361 disney3882 dive to the heart160 eyes closed113017 female1535561 kingdom hearts1126 mane seven7157 mane six34453 mare577463 rearing6482 stained glass1358 station of awakening15


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