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You guys can criticize all what you want but I’m still waiting for someone to actually turn her into another waifu just the fans did with coco pommel or like princess ember, or like blue bobbin or like those cute dancing ponies in dj pon-3 party or …
Well i think you guys got my point.

@Stainless Steel
I know that Stainless, and I’m actually ok with puns in the names of places. I’m talking in the geographical and cultural sense.
Indian inmigrant Ponies? That implies there’s a pony equivalent of India somewhere in their planet. Which it’s not bad itself, but personally, I find it uninspiring.
It was ok making an exception with Saddle Arabia, plus they have shown actual horses as its inhabitans, or when they used Buffalo as the natives from Appeloosa, hell, even the more recent Yaks with YakYakistan are more original than these two new folks, which don’t get me wrong, I find them adorable and I’m glad they named them well.
Zecora is a zebra, we are led to know that she comes from a mysterious place, but we are not supposed to assume that place is the equivalent of Africa, that’s just…the easy way. You know what I’m saying?
In any case, I apologize if I don’t explain myself well, it’s late over here. I guess I feel a bit dissapointed every time I find an element that makes the setting feel less…magical?
Background Pony #A5E6
I noticed something from the first few seconds of the song.  
The problem is based basically the “old traditional vs new modern” conflict plot(storyline not equine derriere). The father wants to do things the old-fashioned way (hence why “his” surroundings look old and muted-colored), whereas the daughter wants to modernize it (her surroundings are more colorful and with the addition of a “restaurant mascot” in an elephant), and the clash of styles is the cause of their strife.

One would think the world setting for this show is a complete magical place with weird locations.
Instead they are just making it an Earth 2.0 with magical creatures. I guess it makes it “easier” for the writers, but not as creative.
I blame Manehattan, Cloudsdale amd Fillydelphia’s exisence, even though the writers could have written an unique place with the names being just a reference, they went with literal Manhattan, Faunsdale and Philladelphia with ponies.
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I’m digging the look on Shantae. No wait, I meant Esmerelda. DANG IT, I mean Simza! …..Are you kidding me right now? I meant Saffron Masala! Oh. My. GOSH, I cannot BELIEVE how hard it is to get that name right…
Background Pony #CB08
There is one in the comics, I know for certain the Celestia micro series comic had one, he never had any readable dialogue just those swearing censor symbols

Love the female pony’s design. I hope she becomes a nice guest or background pony. Also, I am sad though…totally hoping for that Gordan Ramsey pony…..someday.. someday
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Hollow and Cold
I don’t blame you.
It will probably be fine in the episode, but I’m wondering just where these ponies are from.
There doesn’t seem to be a place in Equestria they could be from, so it must be on the other side of the planet, possibly nearer to whatever passes for Africa.
As well as how this relates to the country’s founding story. Maybe there were ponies everywhere and not just in the initial heartland, or spread much further than Equestria before settling?