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Commission work for Discord-Sparkle, of their OC. . .Discord-Sparkle. Who is, as you might have guessed, some kind of fusion of Twilight and Discord. Here she’s dressed up the Grandmaster class outfit from Fire Emblem, with uh, creative liberties applied.

safe2154196 artist:ambris1483 twilight sparkle354659 alicorn310081 draconequus20021 anthro354662 unguligrade anthro64423 g42006869 armor30809 armor skirt268 belly button108484 cleavage45974 clothes625536 colored pupils13119 commission114821 discord sparkle38 draconequified511 female1780897 fire emblem448 fusion7115 high res406174 midriff23978 mismatched horns135 mismatched wings174 shadow6785 skirt54607 socks93924 solo1409621 species swap26332 thigh highs58178 twikonequus85 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148033 wings216900 zettai ryouiki2262


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