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suggestive167196 artist:freedomthai656 applejack184639 fluttershy233074 pinkie pie234413 rainbow dash254761 rarity199173 starlight glimmer54000 sunset shimmer70728 trixie73286 twilight sparkle326687 centaur4047 drider188 goo1953 harpy131 human189038 lamia2544 mermaid2409 monster girl441 monster pony4125 original species30402 slime girl89 spider2060 taur1551 :o4856 alternate mane seven230 anime6453 arachne11 armpits44828 belly button92370 big breasts101591 bottomless15267 breasts328787 busty applejack12069 busty fluttershy20186 busty pinkie pie12433 busty rainbow dash9563 busty rarity15107 busty starlight glimmer2928 busty sunset shimmer6609 busty trixie4681 busty twilight sparkle14003 centaurified239 centaurjack118 centorea shianus14 cerea12 cleavage39616 clothes539673 crossed arms6584 crossover67700 female1552795 females only14666 flying45342 frown27354 grin49944 group4879 harem1024 harpydash22 humanized107870 lamiafied531 line-up1125 mane six34643 mermaidized1460 mero3 midriff21155 miia7 miniskirt5304 monster2565 monster musume42 one eye closed38384 open mouth187177 papi7 pinkie slime81 rarirachnid43 reference4518 seapony fluttershy399 simple background479909 skirt46530 slime2299 smiling314870 species swap22930 spiderponyrarity127 suu6 sweatdrop4225 thighs20337 twilamia110 twilight snakle100 twilight's counterparts905 underboob4457 watershy388 wavy mouth4546 white background123362 wide eyes18474 wink28852


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Background Pony #54D4
Pinkie Slime  
Background Pony #B22B
I’d love to see a pic of Twilight as Smith with her counterparts as the MON Squad.  
Sunset - Zombina  
Moondancer - Manako  
Trixie - Tionishia  
Doppel - Starlight
Thread Starter - Yuri (NSFW)
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

I need coffie
Okay, this version needs my thoughts on changes/additions.
Starlight Glimmer should have been Lala  
Moondancer should be Smith  
Lyra should be Zombina  
Boon boon should be Manako  
Strongheart should be Tionishia/Tio  
Treehugger should be Kii  
Ember should be Draco  
Lighting Dust should be Lilith  
Spitfire should be Polt.
There is nobody that fits Cathyl