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safe (1425186)artist:epsilon-chedi (14)flash sentry (10936)moondancer (3821)princess celestia (83418)rainbow dash (203346)starlight glimmer (37817)sunset shimmer (50498)trixie (55922)twilight sparkle (259577)pony (687981)equestria girls (159162)comic (89218)female (756792)flashlight (2370)human ponidox (2948)lesbian (81629)magical quintet (110)male (256640)parody (14581)scott pilgrim vs the world (104)seven evil exes (1)shipping (163995)straight (109123)sunsetsparkle (3974)twidancer (268)twidash (4763)twilestia (2322)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101515)twistarlight (470)twixie (4454)


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@Background Pony #6431
Too bad, both Flash’s ARE canon

Hmmm, yeah? the character exists? The ship, on the other hand…

@Background Pony #6431
And Twilight isn’t enough of a selfish, insecure, Bitch who thinks dumping loved ones is no big deal to be Ramona Flowers.

And the only thing that I can see any of the Flash’s to have in common with the Twins is that they’re all played by Asian actos. That’s actually racist

…I don’t think this strip feels good to me… Starlight isn’t enough of a total and complete ass to be Scott Pilgrim.

C’mon guys, it’s just more of a mash joke rather than a "accuracy joke".

This is just about Twilight ships.

Which by the way, the artist left out TwiMac and TwiCord, but then again, the "phase joke" would have had less potency.
Background Pony #739D
@Background Pony #6431
So are the other characters in here, what’s your point? Or you meant flashlight is canon? Well at this point of time it can barely be considered canon if canon at all, and writers seem to be backpedaling it quick, seeing how it blew in their faces before, so yeah.
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Twilestia will eat her alive, with lettuce and a nice side dish or Lima beans!
Go for it Celly, show them who truly rocks Twilight’s world!
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Comments37 comments posted