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Background Pony #5CED
Rose: hey girls Daisy, Lily look what we have here.
Daisy: Yes, I see it.
Lily: Yeah, I see it, but who would you say it is?
Rose: maybe it's someone who wants to worship us feet and play with them or something.
Lily: em who you are, and you are.
Me what ? ah because I am …
Daisy: I like feet?
Me: Yes I like feet
Rose: What are you?
Me: because I'm actually …
Lily: your name? and …
Rose: And where are you?
rose: Quiet Lily, Leave it to us
Lily: Yeah, thanks girls because the truth is that I right now I do not have many words.
Rose: fine as you want lily, let's ask daisy.
Daisy: agree.
Daisy: tell us who and what are you?
Rose: as your name?
Rose and Daisy: and where are you and you come from?
Me: for I am, I am a human disguise or rather camouflaged pony and I come from another world.
Daisy: your world? and what is your world?
Rose: wait Daisy, because we do not tell him that we begin to worship our feet?
Daisy: OK. Lily you agree?
Lily: Of course, you start to worship us feet.
Rose: And you, unknown pony you do not know your name, you are ready to worship us feet?
I: Yes of course, I'm ready, ready and prepared, do you want to start now girls?
Rose, Daisy and Lily: If pony unknown ours, when you want you can start.
Daisy: put your face on our feet and you can start.
Rose and Lily: Yes, begins.
Rose, Lily and Daisy: beginning, start, start, start …
Me: ok ok I'm starting now.
Rose, Lily and Daisy: yeah, great.