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Evil Emperor Proteus

Master of Science
@Babyish and Proud
I haven’t watched Friendship is Magic, I watched Equestria Girls. I don’t consider being a fan and being a Brony the same thing, and the fandom doesn’t get to decide that I am or am not, that is not their distinction to make. Sort of like how someone who likes Furry characters isn’t the same as a Person who dresses up in a fur suit and goes to Furry conventions. I don’t see any reason to continue this 5 year old conversation so I probably won’t reply again. I hope that clears things up.
Background Pony #C65A
He’s a geek, and his cutie mark is a sparkling, pristine peppermint in its original wrapper.
His name should be Mint Condition.
And he could be voiced by Hank Azaria, The VA behind Comic Book Guy!

I just noticed they had a similar color scheme. They’re also both unicorns, and their manes curl upwards to the back. It doesn’t mean anything, but I was reminded of this other unnamed pony when I saw him.
Background Pony #912E
brony stereotype – I guess there’s not really a tag for a long-running nerd/fandom stereotype that’s unsurprisingly also applied to the brony community?
No, Hasbro sees bronies the same way Stan Pines sees tourists visiting the Mystery Shack.
Actually, some individual employees at Hasbro seem to have a genuine fondness for bronies outside of their monetary potential, most prominently Mike Vogel when he worked with that side of the company.