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Rarity / Nightmare Rarity = The Element of Lust
Sunset Shimmer / Sunset Demonflare = The Element of Wrath
Applejack / Rotten Appleseed = The Element of Greed
Starlight Glimmer / Starfall Darkmatter = The Element of Envy
Pinkie Pie / Pinkamena Diane Pie = The Element of Gluttony
Fluttershy / Flutterbat = The Element of Sloth
Rainbow Dash / Speed Demon = The Element of Pride


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Background Pony #EB68
@Takashi.0: That’s Luna’s motivation for letting herself get possessed by Nightmare Moon. Not the motivation of Nightmare Moon itself, which is unknown at this point. Especially since no jealousy was involved when Nightmare Moon became Nightmare Rarity.