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safe1705070 artist:tonyfleecs1483 nightmare moon16917 pinkie pie216092 spike78732 zecora9355 dragon56209 earth pony248245 pony966327 zebra17697 idw15204 ponies of dark water155 spoiler:comic10591 spoiler:comic4545 clown777 comic109072 ear piercing26237 earring21089 ethereal mane7950 face paint802 female1361819 flying38105 helmet10800 hoof shoes5385 jewelry63499 leg rings159 male372215 mare479903 neck rings899 nightmare moon glamour17 official comic2469 peytral3545 piercing41042 pinkie joker94 preview1971 speech bubble23274 starry mane4167


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Background Pony #3E82
Can Hasbro call Mark Hamill to voice Pinkie in one episode?
That'd be hype.
Background Pony #6759
Some mares just want to see the world burn…Nightmare Moon not so much as she is lawful evil.
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As I have been imagining Pinkie Joker sounding like she was voiced by Mark Hamill with his Joker voice, I now imagine Pinkie Pie singing this