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Background Pony #2D1C
The Trope of Draco in Leather Pants really doesn’t apply to the way the artist actually portrays Neltharion.
The trope itself states that a fangirl would attempt to portray the villain in a idealistic light while at the same time, downplay all the horrors he’s done, on top of making the character handsome within the context of the story itself. And especially this happens to absolute monsters in a particular lore.
She primarily explores a ‘what if’ scenario of a redeemed Neltharion while at the same time not whitewashing the previous and villainous actions of Deathwing. Neltharion isn’t a retool, he’s a what could have been.
And the only actual “object of desire” is mostly to the artist herself rather than the characters in the story. In the context of the story, the only desire anyone has of Neltharion is more about if they can manipulate him for their own means, or still have the desire to destroy him because of Deathwing. Neltharion in her stories still have to live with the consequences of his time as Deathwing. And none of those atrocities are omitted. And he also created new problems in which the other characters not only point out, but ridicule him for.
And Neltharion’s actual pairing with Arthas’ sister is not only complicated, but ended in a very sour note. Mostly because deep down she still sees him as Deathwing, and only stayed with him out of pity rather than genuine love.
I can see why you came to this when you just look at the artwork she does. But if you only go by the artwork, especially just the pony artwork without reading the stories behind the art, then you are neglecting the full context of that artwork.
Neltharion is more of a Woobie than a Draco in Leather Pants, if you go by her warcraft stories.