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safe1971354 artist:evehly849 fluttershy238145 princess celestia105080 rainbow dash259300 twilight sparkle332886 alicorn274379 bird11529 bird pone258 duck pony322 pony1323040 swan158 :<1346 :c706 :t4211 backwards cutie mark4192 behaving like a bird692 behaving like a duck97 behaving like a goose3 birb358 bird bath83 chest fluff53300 colored wings9888 colored wingtips1964 comic123854 confused5793 crown24951 crying50452 cute236150 derp7734 ducklestia20 ear piercing35622 english2414 eyes closed120678 female1602991 fleeing86 flying47385 frightened346 frown28786 gooselestia13 gradient wings1183 grass12672 honk133 interrupted179 jewelry91248 lake1844 majestic as fuck1446 mare618159 multicolored wings4012 needs a fanfiction2 noise121 one eye closed39879 onomatopoeia6453 open mouth197701 outdoors16029 piercing53483 pond1005 prone30796 pun8353 quack247 question mark5737 rainbow wings817 regalia29813 resting631 roleplaying597 sillestia322 silly8238 silly pony3289 sitting78594 smiling331126 spread wings75391 sunbutt5079 surprised11275 swanlestia148 swimming3024 teary eyes5652 tongue out128548 tongue piercing1270 tree41425 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138545 two toned wings4760 wall of tags5410 wat20823 weapons-grade cute4296 wide eyes18820 wings174974 wink29624 zip lines61


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@Background Pony #8226  
as those hope when flutter-shy and rainbow were trying to be songbirds until princess celesta was a Canada goose when she came out of the water when those wonder if flutter-shy had turned the water in the birdbath a choice of yellow or brown.
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Background Pony #1F44
It’s all adorable until the ponies leave a gift for you in the birb bath.
Background Pony #D99B
well, gooses are one of the biggest birds, and they are usually white, so celi is more fit than the others to be the goose