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Made for this thread.
safe1898387 artist:manual-monaro44 applejack183525 derpy hooves52971 earth pony329941 pegasus373405 pony1245996 accessory swap1823 accessory theft508 angry31066 applejack is not amused888 applejack wants her hat back15 applejack's hat11022 close enough66 clothes532915 cosplay30824 costume32939 cowboy hat20588 crossover67215 dialogue75807 duo96994 duo female16739 female1535556 floppy ears61149 freckles34175 frown26949 glare8568 hat102575 hatless2266 high noon2 it's high noon16 jesse mccree100 lidded eyes36316 looking at you203358 mare577457 missing accessory8926 open mouth183297 overwatch1622 scarf26754 simple background472038 sitting74218 smiling308865 smirk14949 this will end in angry countryisms40 this will end in pain2258 this will end in pain and/or angry countryisms21 towel4225 unamused19197 white background120759 you had one job530


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