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safe1657518 artist:magnaluna1018 trixie65729 twilight sparkle294025 alicorn215010 pony921829 unicorn303471 angry26102 annoyed5322 blushing189499 boop7159 chest fluff36419 cross-popping veins1538 cute192387 diatrixes3028 ear fluff27063 female1320726 floppy ears49831 fluffy13752 frown22246 glare8162 horn59146 imminent boop96 leg fluff2895 lesbian93998 mare457771 non-consensual booping105 nose wrinkle2913 scrunchy face6977 shipping193863 simple background377216 sitting60242 solo focus16254 sweat25134 sweatdrop3018 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121009 twixie5039 unamused15414 wavy mouth3473 white background93501


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Psst! Come here Sparkle!

Twilight: "What?"

Whispers into her ear.

Twilight: "Oh, that's good! Thanks."

Trixie: "Don't you dare boop my nose!"

Twilight: Smiles.

Trixie: "I knew it! You're gonna boop my nose aren't yo-"

Twilight: Hugs Trixie.

Trixie: "!?!"

Trixie: "H-hey! Not in public!"

Twilight: "Gotcha."

Trixie: "…..Fine you win this one. Sparkle."
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Aw yes my wishes were granted ~
A Trixie draw by magnaluna, this one is going straight my special backup folder of best draws <3