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suggestive162640 artist:alloyrabbit618 artist:ponythroat531 rainbow dash251554 pegasus365985 pony1229073 blue angels12 censored dialogue55 collaboration5925 comic118768 drool28098 f/a-18 hornet65 fangs30532 female1520619 fetish45839 flying43805 giant pony5112 giant rainbow dash131 jet433 jet fighter264 kitchen eyes659 macro12273 mega/giant rainbow dash102 plane3082 preddash577 the pilots are screwed1 uvula2591 vore16113


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Background Pony #CF18
well, vapor cones, which perhaps is equivalent to the sonic rainboom, can be easily achieved by reaching transonic speed (Mach 1+)
So yeah, thats what i found at least…
Background Pony #0C50
Wait, that plane is packed with high-yield explosives and fuel. That’d be like pulling the pin on a grenade and trying to eat it.
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Plus when she swallows it, her throat’s going to crumple it like paper and kill the pilot in a totally non-sexy manner.  
So no voreboner.