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safe1636834 artist:satv12165 octavia melody23181 pinkie pie209662 starlight glimmer46432 trixie64906 pony901917 unicorn294019 accuracy international aw3 ak-47351 ar15272 assault rifle809 augmented2269 bayonet143 boonie hat4 clothes434522 female1302791 gun15327 handgun2586 hat81580 javelin missile1 mare448474 missile launcher67 pistol1990 pixiv14269 poncho197 pump action10 rifle3592 science fiction655 shotgun1434 special forces19 weapon28975


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I see that Dead Space has made an impression with the inspiration on armor design.

Honestly, the copper colouring gives this a much cleaner, sleeker look. A much more refreshing take on armor than the constant gray and platinum, go-to, futuristic aesthetics everybody envisions the future to be.
Good on you, sir!