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Illustrations for ‘Rainbow Dash Presents Cupcakes’ [link]made on iPad Artstudio
safe1947177 artist:petirep328 apple bloom55855 rainbow dash257266 scootaloo55150 sweetie belle53040 twilight sparkle330173 dinosaur1178 pegasus395503 pony1296960 tyrannosaurus rex282 unicorn434451 mentally advanced series175 rainbow dash presents294 crayon515 cutie mark crusaders20744 drawing5206 female1580265 filly83050 mouth hold20836 pencil4281 species swap23356 thrackerzod86


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Background Pony #32AF
Yeah, it’s been a few years, but I still remember RDP’s Cupcakes pretty well and definitely don’t remember any Crusaders in it.
Actually, I do recall something about crayons in the story, I guess that must be where they came into it.