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A bit hastily done vector of this faic >>1269536. I just had to do it.

If you look very closely, you may notice some tiny mistakes. I'm not too happy about them. I'll fix this (yeah, sure) when the episode comes out on DiscFam later this week.

If it wasn't for boring things like eating and doing push-ups (I'm behind my daily quota), I would have finished this 15-20 minutes earlier.
safe1689675 artist:jp80 derpibooru exclusive28006 twilight sparkle298378 alicorn221278 pony951358 top bolt817 .svg available8242 faic12254 female1347612 grin37649 mare472779 open mouth142377 simple background387683 smiling243547 solo1052666 squee1956 svg3582 transparent background199939 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122940 twilight sparkle is best facemaker97 vector76194


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