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“Someone asked for pregnant Luna dozing in the garden. Slowly but surely, the rest of her little family showed up because I couldn’t help myself.
So have Tuna family dozing after a picnic in the garden on a warm summer day.”

safe2117885 artist:silfoe1572 princess luna114753 twilight sparkle349817 oc916937 oc:eventide glisten64 oc:pterus113 alicorn302715 bat pony71931 pony1479066 other royal book191 g41926665 adopted offspring1348 alicorn oc35536 black and white16800 cuddle puddle365 cuddling10376 cute257150 family5536 female1739504 grayscale47590 hug36348 lesbian114741 magical lesbian spawn15299 monochrome171661 mother and daughter7914 mother and son4163 offspring49238 parent:princess luna3005 parent:twilight sparkle10171 parents:twiluna406 picnic1706 pony pile933 pregluna219 pregnant16393 ship:twiluna1695 shipping245924 silfoe is trying to murder us81 simple background569273 sleeping28595 snuggling7303 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146032 white background151865 winghug3775


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They’re all just so precious! And that wing hug from Twi… <3
oh gawd I didn’t even notice that at first
and twi’s tail is wrapped around luna’s flank, too!
you’re just the best, silfoe~
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Obsessed with TwiLuna.
They’re all just so precious! And that wing hug from Twi… <3