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"Poor Chrysi…or shall I say…good for her?"
safe1708717 artist:pandramodo122 queen chrysalis34833 starlight glimmer48715 twilight sparkle300613 alicorn224897 pony969801 every little thing she does949 to where and back again2728 abuse7744 alternate ending493 bad end2135 book33517 chrysabuse194 comic109201 cute little fangs2101 dark comedy645 fangs25410 good end564 juice1325 juice box939 licking20226 magic73376 mind control3339 mind rape38 morally ambiguous end4 shapeshifting313 starlight glimmer is overpowered16 starlight says bravo119 starlight vs chrysalis72 telekinesis27785 tongue out104177 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123789 u mad178


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I wonder what will happen in this universe when Ocellus comes to the Friendship School and sees Chrysalis working as Glimmer's mind-whammied flunky?

And would there be any way to use such powers in a non-immoral or unethical way?
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Horse People Go Naked
Hey, you can only have SO MANY friendship lessons before you get the jist of it. All others after that get boring and kinda make you wanna scream.
Background Pony #5EC5
AGK(Angry German Kid) react to this:
AGK:*laughs*Chrysalis being good that's will become mane 9 if Sunset get backs
But how AGK's Dad feels:
AGK's dad:*screaming*My Show ruined,I like Chryssie being evil rather than being good,I promise I will kill the writer for this
Background Pony #AD67
By the same author
"Who touched the thermostat" and "Yesterday,there was this guy sitting in front of me in the bus and believe me or not,absolutlely nothing happened"
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Young Leosword
Whenever an alternate ending comic featuring S05E26 Starlight is made, I seem to notice it getting tagged either "good end", "bad end", or both. Probably has something to do with how disturbingly intricate the character's plot (hurr, puns) has been so far. XD
Terminal Red

This is some clockwork orange shit. soon chrysalis shall free herself and exact a terrible retribution upon those whose who sought control her.

Soon starlight, soon.