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So it was a very special day in Ponyville as Rumble got invited to Sweetie Belle's treehouse in Ponyville. After spending a couple of hours playing games and chatting, Sweetie Belle decides to suprise him and cuddle with him and start kissing him, This isn't the 1st time Rumble got kissed by Sweetie Belle but it was never as intense as right here. Thunderlane and Rarity went by to check up on them and they both noticed Sweetie Belle and Rumble making out. Rarity is pretty shocked while Thunderlane is pleased at how far his brother Rumble has went.

As Sweetie and Rumble are continuing to kiss each other, Rarity and Thunderlane barge in and suddenly they became alarmed at how suprised Rarity is. Thunderlane however totally likes what is going on and even wants Rarity to join in.

After they had a chat for a bit, Rarity was about to leave for a bit but Thunderlane manages to get her to stay. Soon after this, Thunderlane makes his move and kisses Rarity. The 2 foals watch as Thunderlane and Rarity confess their love in their own treehouse and they start kissing while Rumble and Sweetie Belle resume their kissing:P

After a good long hour of all of them expressing their love and chatting also, they finally decide to nap inside the treehouse. They all snuggle up at a perfect spot while they rest as Rarity takes one last look at Rumble kissing her young sister before he ends up falling asleep with her next to him.
suggestive128276 artist:viranimation268 rarity169909 rumble3814 sweetie belle46716 thunderlane3826 pegasus240399 pony847545 unicorn267110 3d62866 cute177909 female901169 filly59641 filly on colt94 kissing22476 lipstick9590 lipstick fetish362 male306203 mare416533 rarilane161 rumbelle274 shipping184259 source filmmaker38062 stallion92989 story included7783 straight121877


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