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“LyraBon” EVEN more Butts.
suggestive140962 artist:pabbley2309 bon bon16233 lyra heartstrings29316 sweetie drops16234 earth pony242722 pony952123 unicorn316490 bon butt197 by celestia's beard18 clothes453749 crushing658 dialogue64553 dock49134 faceful of ass1119 facesitting3283 female1348438 females only12356 heavy671 lesbian95891 lyrabon3277 mare473184 monochrome148635 open mouth142523 panties49709 plot77823 shipping198077 shrunken pupils3074 simple background388002 the ass was fat13662 underwear60161 white background96285


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Background Pony #AC6F
I would imagine that having a horse (even a little one) lay on top of you would be quite heavy.