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“LyraBon” EVEN more Butts.
suggestive145437 artist:pabbley2315 bon bon16548 lyra heartstrings29850 sweetie drops16547 earth pony256377 pony986769 unicorn332096 bon butt203 by celestia's beard19 clothes466990 crushing691 dialogue66502 dock50854 faceful of ass1252 facesitting3391 female1380889 females only12737 heavy670 lesbian98067 lyrabon3382 mare490705 monochrome150928 open mouth149795 panties50836 plot80478 shipping202792 shrunken pupils3210 simple background400845 the ass was fat14018 underwear61638 white background100192


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Background Pony #AC6F
I would imagine that having a horse (even a little one) lay on top of you would be quite heavy.