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Uploaded by Background Pony #C673
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“LyraBon” EVEN more Butts.
suggestive148497 artist:pabbley2324 bon bon16698 lyra heartstrings30113 sweetie drops16697 earth pony267023 pony1012934 unicorn343400 bon butt203 by celestia's beard20 clothes476840 crushing690 dialogue68164 dock52144 faceful of ass1304 facesitting3435 female1404254 females only13081 heavy674 lesbian99387 lyrabon3423 mare503370 monochrome152402 open mouth154958 panties51532 plot82174 shipping205978 shrunken pupils3389 simple background410039 the ass was fat14248 underwear62561 white background102707


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Background Pony #AC6F
I would imagine that having a horse (even a little one) lay on top of you would be quite heavy.