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Nightmare Night was busy with Twily’s pranks and whatever the hay Shiny decided to do…. I think he’s still hiding trying to scare us somewhere…..

Here is an old picture I found in Aunt Celestia’s albums. We don’t celebrate Nightmare Night where I’m from, but I did get to have a little celebration with her and the other royals one year.

I was a dork who idolized my aunty. My mane clashes, and I suck at drawing her cutiemark.

Aunt Celestia doesn’t like Nightmare Night too much, but she liked having a mini me!

Hope you all had a great Nightmare Night!

Sorry we’re late XD

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safe1708188 artist:kuromi138 princess cadance32496 princess celestia95103 spider1756 auntlestia24 clothes460251 costume27460 cute200082 cutedance1257 cutelestia3599 filly66864 filly cadance76 hair over one eye9038 halloween8199 jack-o-lantern2319 looking at you168930 nightmare night4702 nightmare night costume1574 pumpkin4227 pumpkin bucket599 sitting63359 smiling248978 spider web695 teen princess cadance898 tree32290 young1610 younger17398


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Hehe cute!

"Aunt Celestia doesn’t like Nightmare Night too much, but she liked having a mini me!"

I think we know why…