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safe1690269 artist:wookylee68 dj pon-329086 octavia melody23630 vinyl scratch29086 earth pony242634 pony951907 unicorn316377 slice of life (episode)1724 animated97748 bow (instrument)700 cello2541 featureless cello1 female1348171 frame by frame4029 gif30510 mare473067 musical instrument10342 scene interpretation8470 wrong eye color959 wubcart60


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@Background Pony #E708
Her eyes were originally considered red based on their first glimpse in the show, first impressions tend to stick. From then on people tend to disregard later evidence that invalidates it. It's the same with calling Derpy "Derpy" instead of "Ditzy".
As a result of initial impressions, fanfics and fan-art mentioning/showing her eyes are red were created, and that helped more people warm up to the idea and make the same first impression. So yeah, some people prefer it, if you prefer purple that's fine by you, don't complain though.