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safe1726247 artist:makkon33 oc697206 oc only455802 oc:littlepip4123 pony986510 unicorn331982 fallout equestria17265 abstract background15240 clothes466886 cutie mark48428 fanfic10492 fanfic art14617 female1380615 glowing horn20043 gritted teeth12515 gun16138 handgun2793 hooves18047 horn70600 jumping3418 levitation12298 little macintosh551 magic74247 mare490540 optical sight953 pipbuck3531 revolver1618 scope245 solo1077576 telekinesis28191 vault suit3563 wallpaper18713 weapon30904


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Background Pony #2475
May I ask what is the source of your Littlepip avatar? I just want to know where a vectored avatar is from that I haven't seen here before.
Background Pony #E417
Equestrian Pony using mouth for most holdings of things.
Has a human handled gun.
'Said gun was made fer a pony.