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explicit464091 artist:shydale390 oc934861 oc only678885 oc:blackjack3345 cyborg5273 pony1579703 unicorn527615 fallout equestria22612 fallout equestria: project horizons3976 :p14087 alcohol9981 anatomically correct35022 anus135075 blueprint228 butt226305 cybernetic legs637 dark genitals16679 dock69900 female1778211 horn178176 legs in air4950 liquor91 looking at you253848 nudity504159 on back33424 plot140719 ponut62925 presenting33869 prosthetics4893 quadruple amputee465 small horn627 solo1407814 solo female229938 tongue out144619 two toned mane5460 vulva186310 whiskey593


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A Pony is fine too
Please… PLEASE!
Stop adding “amputee” tag!!! It doesn’t belong here. It’s applicable only if stumps are visible. There are plenty of images with Blackjack having cyberlegs that don’t have such tag.
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@Background Pony #C22B  
1: should have spoilered that  
2: ||I can’t fully remember but because blackjack doesn’t want glory hurt, she makes glory stay back and stuff. Eventually this upsets glory and they break up. Glory I think gets with stygius’s sister. Yay lesbians ||
Background Pony #4D0C
Did Blackjack ever stop cheating on Morning glory? just a question I didn’t read after her encounter with stygius or whatever he was called
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In a purely artistic manner, yes. I’d say Shydale is the best at drawing pony anuses. However, on a purely fetish standpoint, I do prefer my ponuts more organic like. As if they could be pinched between your fingers, easily giving way to the pressure. Squishy, yet firm. Alive.
So while great looking, this feels a bit stiff. Almost too detailed. Rigid and staged. Something more fit for an art museum than simple clop. It’s not a fault – quite the contrary, in fact – but it does detract from the sexiness. Sometimes simple truly is more… delicious.
In short, it’s amazing. Just not something I’d clop to. This is also my opinion, not a fact. What I personally feel.
PS: I’m literally just talking about the ponut on its own. Not taking any of the rest of the picture into account.
Background Pony #3D9D
as an alcoholic though I can’t help but notice…
>wild turkey brand reference
>jack daniels bottle shape
<3 u shydale!
Hehe, I pointed that out as well, and Shydale did explain why it’s the JD bottle.
Background Pony #0899
Oh my, I would love to see a full robot version of this! There needs to be more robot porn! D:
Background Pony #E76D
As a fellow alcoholic whose drink of choice is the strong, flavorful and solid WT 101 when no “better” bourbon is available, I concur. This practice of drawing Wild Pegasus with a square bottle is infuriating. I used to drink Jack, but then I decided I preferred my whiskey to taste like charred oak rather than burnt bananas.
That is one hawt Blackjack, though. I love the unnatural, glassy-looking glint in her artificial cyber-eyes. Nice detail.
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as an alcoholic though I can’t help but notice…  
>wild turkey brand reference  
>jack daniels bottle shape  
<3 u shydale!