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safe1616558 artist:buttersprinkle309 rarity173854 sweetie belle47312 pony884378 unicorn285606 behaving like a cat2013 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us37 chest fluff34378 cuddling7902 cute186405 daaaaaaaaaaaw3327 diasweetes2717 eyes closed84152 female1286810 filly61687 floppy ears47859 hnnng2324 kitty belle42 mare439803 neck nuzzle191 nuzzling3747 raised hoof40772 raribetes4920 raricat202 sisters7905 sitting57543 smiling224694 snuggling6345 weapons-grade cute3377


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Background Pony #F8F5
I thought Pudge was the only artist to draw fuzzy catpones. I'm liking this, though.