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safe1553434 artist:buttersprinkle282 rarity167786 sweetie belle46247 pony825214 unicorn256600 behaving like a cat1842 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us29 chest fluff31436 cuddling7722 cute173245 diasweetes2401 eyes closed78171 female877825 filly58338 floppy ears45841 hnnng2224 kitty belle40 mare403513 neck nuzzle198 nuzzling3685 raised hoof37824 raribetes4477 raricat179 sisters6992 sitting53697 smiling209360 snuggling6417 weapons-grade cute3095


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30 comments posted
Background Pony #F8F5
I thought Pudge was the only artist to draw fuzzy catpones. I'm liking this, though.