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safe1726176 artist:buttersprinkle314 rarity183550 sweetie belle49374 pony986460 unicorn331954 behaving like a cat2207 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 chest fluff40020 cuddling8471 cute202759 daaaaaaaaaaaw4509 diasweetes2954 eyes closed95527 female1380569 filly68129 floppy ears53172 hnnng2464 kitty belle48 mare490518 neck nuzzle201 nuzzling4024 raised hoof47455 raribetes5545 raricat242 sisters9089 sitting64339 smiling254108 snuggling6564 weapons-grade cute3732


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Background Pony #F8F5
I thought Pudge was the only artist to draw fuzzy catpones. I'm liking this, though.