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This is heaven in a picture , need to get this as a poster
safe1586856 apple bloom46850 applejack159988 arimaspi87 big daddy mccolt81 big macintosh26983 bon bon15721 bubblegum brush30 bulk biceps3238 buzzsaw mccolt34 carrot crunch36 cheerilee9391 cinnamon chai62 clear skies144 cloudy quartz1231 coco pommel5528 coloratura2716 cranky doodle donkey918 crosscut mccolt33 derpy hooves48419 diamond tiara9664 discord28926 dj pon-328211 doctor whooves10120 double diamond1567 fashion plate152 fluffy clouds63 fluttershy199387 gilda9136 grampa gruff261 granny smith5027 greenhoof hooffield11 greta401 gummy4862 hacksaw mccolt37 hammerhead mccolt21 hilly hooffield30 igneous rock pie821 joe pescolt32 jumpy the shark25 lemon hearts1923 lily longsocks400 limestone pie4747 lyra heartstrings28097 ma hooffield59 marble pie6157 march gustysnows233 matilda462 maud pie11933 minuette5403 moondancer4404 moonlight raven409 night glider1268 octavia melody22629 on stage36 open skies105 party favor1434 pinkie pie204550 pipsqueak2718 prince rutherford686 princess cadance30482 princess celestia90424 princess luna94334 rainbow dash220696 rarity170790 raspberry beret80 roseluck4704 rosy riveter22 sassy saddles941 scootaloo49312 shining armor21920 silver spoon6235 smooze825 snowbutt mctwinkles30 spike75246 spoiled rich991 sprig hooffield9 stardom18 starlight glimmer44293 steel bolts25 steven magnet559 stormy flare221 sugar belle2695 sunshine smiles233 sunshower149 svengallop327 sweetie belle46840 sweetie drops15721 taffy tresses3 tank2615 time turner10104 tree h. hooffield28 tree hugger2662 trouble shoes1056 trowel hooffield11 twilight sparkle284410 twinkleshine1996 vinyl scratch32306 whoa nelly229 wind rider212 zecora8859 alicorn197608 bugbear182 donkey1608 griffon25048 pony854539 unicorn270534 yak3894 yeti268 zebra15898 amending fences1141 appleoosa's most wanted734 bloom and gloom974 brotherhooves social432 canterlot boutique896 castle sweet castle1273 crusaders of the lost mark1583 do princesses dream of magic sheep1098 hearthbreakers1096 made in manehattan621 make new friends but keep discord1899 party pooped714 princess spike (episode)688 rarity investigates1078 scare master872 season 5590 slice of life (episode)1598 tanks for the memories1374 the cutie map4039 the cutie re-mark3027 the hooffields and mccolts516 the lost treasure of griffonstone1040 the mane attraction1111 the one where pinkie pie knows751 what about discord?616 spoiler:s05124 crankilda130 crossdressing8732 cutie mark crusaders18033 everypony360 female915529 hooffield family121 male309086 mane seven5922 mane six29656 mare420218 mccolt family172 method mares26 my little pony1961 my little pony logo3364 official7024 official season poster7 orchard blossom217 poster4920 quartzrock352 rara1021 saw sisters14 self paradox1107 shiningcadance2414 shipping185357 straight122632 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116046 twilight's castle3327 unnamed pony1909 wacky waving inflatable tube pony63 wall of tags2406 wallpaper17805 yak calf40


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Ocellus is best buggo
We noticed her in formation with the M6 on the partially shadowed preview before the season ended. Pretty much screamed becoming a new character with Twilight and the others.