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Oc for pacific glow :)
safe1709421 artist:darkest-lunar-flower405 derpibooru exclusive28435 oc686447 oc only449770 oc:beauty cheat22 pegasus292922 pony970507 2017 community collab288 derpibooru community collaboration3808 c:1206 cute200262 female1365820 high res29826 looking at you169144 mare482073 ocbetes5279 simple background394466 smiling249333 solo1066228 transparent background202796


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Gay Space Raptor
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Not actually gay
I'm like the only one who thinks the character's colors aren't reminiscent of Scoots or Flutters. The first tagged image of this OC had Fluttershy's colors, that's about it.
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@Pacific Glow
Honestly, if Babs had been a pegasus, I'd probably have called her a Scootaloo copy too. When you're dealing with one of the major characters of the show, you've gotta do more than the regular amount to differentiate your character. At first glance this character will very likely be mistaken for Scoots, and this'll keep happening. If you can change something about her to make her feel different, I think you should do it now rather than later. Because I'd hate for you to wait a year and then decide you're fed up with the comparison and scrap her.